Paving With More Than Asphalt

Jackson, TN – This week’s pavement solution profile highlights arguably the most important of all construction materials – concrete.

Our team working hard on some parking lot paving

Whether the project involves building a structure or laying the surface for a lot, concrete has many uses and is proven to last with a durable, strong foundation.

Concrete has been used widely in virtually every single market and construction project throughout the course of history.  Believe it or not, the first known form of cement concrete occurred over 12 million years ago.  From Ancient Egypt, to the Roman eras, and even now to modern day – concrete is a vital piece in construction projects.

At its core, concrete is simply a composite material composed of coarse aggregate bonded together with fluid cement that hardens over time.  Most concretes are lime-based, but there are other bases that have the same intended effect as well.

We at West Tennessee Construction Services offer concrete services to lots, as a properly mixed solution it will provide fantastic performance during the life of any structure.  Generally speaking, we will cure concrete for four to seven days before moving forward with laying the solution.

Concrete is part of our paving contractor services

The most noticeable and “real” aging process, however, begins once the mix has been laid and dried.  This is one of the most important steps in laying concrete because without the proper maintenance, water could seep through any holes and/or cracks.

If this happens, the structure could be compromised and the ultimate solution would be to replace the area.

However, with proper maintenance and a continuous watch on each step, the process of mixing concrete then pouring to lay the foundation of a surface can prove to be one of the best decisions to ensure the longevity of a parking lot.

At West Tennessee Construction Services, our biggest goal is to ensure  safe, durable, and dependable parking lot paving for your business.  With our concrete services, we can help provide a pavement surface to be proud of while setting the right first impression to your customers.

To find out how your lot can benefit from concrete solutions, contact us at West Tennessee Construction Services today!  We can be reached at (731) 343-4108 – call us for details on getting an estimate or check out all of our pavement services at

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