Pavement Solution Profiles: Sealcoating

Jackson, TN – One of the most important aspects in a successful business is ensuring that customers and clients understand your provided services through a clear and transparent message.

At West Tennessee Construction Services, we are the experts in creating the right first impression.  This means we take every step necessary to guarantee that your parking lot is safe, durable, and accessible.  We do this through a multitude of different pavement services that maximize your parking lot.

However, with so many services offered, which one is right for your place of business?  We’ll answer that question through a series of “Pavement Solution Profiles” in the coming weeks on our website and social media pages.

This week, we’ll take a look at one of the more well known and basic pavement solutions – Sealcoating.

Sealcoating is one of the most critical steps to ensure your parking lot is ready for business.  In short, sealcoating is a thin coating applied to pavement that will protect the surface from UV rays, gas/oil spills, salt, and water.  The substance itself consists of asphalt cement mixed with inert fillers, water, and other emulsifying agents/additives.

Basically, this is all a technical explanation to describe one of the most essential services offered at West Tennessee Construction Services.

The dark black sealant looks brand new and wears “like new” as well.  Sealcoating can vastly improve the appearance of a parking lot while providing protection from future damage caused by weather or traffic.

As mentioned in one of our previous blogs, weather and repeated traffic loadings are almost always the main causes for paving surface distress.

All parking lots eventually run into surface distress throughout the life of the concrete or asphalt surface.  However, by filling holes caused by these distresses with sealcoating – future damages (particularly freezing, which causes expansion and contraction of pavement) can be prevented.

Ultimately, sealcoating is a wise investment for protecting the surface of your parking lot.  Rather than a full complete asphalt repair, some clients prefer a layer of sealcoating, which can prevent future damages caused by weather, while giving the lot a “like new” feel and look.

To find out how your lot can benefit from sealcoating, contact us at West Tennessee Construction Services today!  We can be reached at (731) 343-4108 – call us for details on getting an estimate or check out all of our pavement services at

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