Pavement Solution Profiles – Crack Sealing and Repair

Jackson, TN – This week’s pavement solution profile highlights a well-known “first step” in repairing parking lots – asphalt crack sealing and repairs.

Crack sealing is usually the first step in immediate protection and prevention of weather deterioration to parking lots.  At its core, sealing prevents weakening of the sub-base layer of the asphalt.


This “sub-base” layer is the common entry point for water to wash debris (such as stones, dirt, and sand) into the asphalt.  Water entry itself, can also cause expansion to the asphalt and retraction with weather changes.  As mentioned in the “Paser Asphalt Manual” – this type of debris from weather and the elements is one of the key reasons for a major surface defect.

Cracks throughout the asphalt are usually the first noticeable defects that can lead to complete pavement deterioration.  We’ve all seen the “wear and tear” these cracks provide, as they take the form of longitudinal, block, and alligator cracks (to name a few).

Crack sealing not only fixes tears in the asphalt and keeps the vicinity of crack location in good condition, but also reduces the number of future cracks that may occur for the entire parking lot.


Generally, the earlier cracks are identified and fixed, the better.  The longer one waits to seal or repair the cracks, the worse the lot will be.  Taking time to manage any problems from cracks early on will increase the life of the pavement two-fold and will ultimately help keep any issues from spreading.

Remember, this is a protective and preventive form of asphalt repair, but it can certainly make a difference in saving time and money while providing a safe and proper paving surface.

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