Why is Your Pavement Important? First Impressions Matter

 Jackson, TN – Perhaps one of the most universally repeated phrases in business is “first impressions are everything.”  While that phrase may be overused, one thing we do know about first impressions is – they matter.

Have you ever refused to return to a place of business because of a “bad first experience?”  We’ve all been there, and for businesses this is one of the most important first steps in ensuring a pipeline of reoccurring customers.

According to a 2015 article in Business Insider, it takes just three seconds for someone to determine a first impression (positive or negative).  With such little time to make a quality impact on customers, the importance of controlling your property’s appearance is vital (after all, it is the first thing they see when arriving at your business).

Knowing this, we can ask the key question, what truly makes our services special at West Tennessee Construction?  Well, at our core, our asphalt contractor services provide a comfortable, safe, and economical road surface to businesses nationwide.

In the coming months we will take a deeper look into the many unique and often overlooked aspects of a parking lot and road system that can make or break a property, but for now we’ll stick to the basics.

According to the “Paser Asphalt Roads Manual” there are four categories of asphalt paving surface distress:

  • Surface Defects
  • Surface Deformation
  • Cracks
  • Patches and Potholes

Any of the mentioned surface distresses can be caused by environment or repeated traffic loadings (and usually are caused by both).

To rate parking lot paving and road systems, we use the “Surface Rating System”, which, allows us to simplify your property and access the pavement needs moving forward.

Regardless of the property rating – 1 or 10 – the importance of parking lot maintenance is key.

As Tennessee’s leading asphalt contractor, we specialize in ensuring that the first impression you set for customers at your business’ property is a positive one.  When customers arrive, we want to ALWAYS ensure that their first impression includes a safe, comfortable, and excellent ‘like new’ paved parking lot.

Let us know how we can use our industry expertise in paving solutions to help ensure your business always sets the right first impression.  Give us a call at (731) 343-4108 or email us anytime at chris.haynes@wtncs.com to discuss your paving needs today!