Asphalt pavement is the most popular type of pavement for parking lots, because it is extremely sturdy and long-lasting. Additionally, asphalt is inexpensive and easily implemented. Naturally, you want your parking lot to last as long as possible, in order to save money. Therefore, it is crucial to formulate a pavement management plan. You should not neglect to do this just because asphalt pavement is innately long-standing. The best way to mend your asphalt parking lot is utilizing infrared asphalt repair.

Infrared asphalt repair is a technique that involves using infrared technology to heat up the asphalt and to spray it with a rejuvenator. This type of asphalt repair method is ideal for patching up critical problems, including potholes and rough surfaces.

First, the zone that needs repaired is blown clean, in order to eliminate sand, water and other loose aggregate. Next, the area is heated to 325 degrees for approximately 10 minutes. Depending on the climate and depth, this step could take as little as five minutes. After the asphalt has been properly heated, it is raked to eliminate any aggregate that the blower missed. Then, a rejuvenator is applied, in order to restore any lost oils. Finally, the new material is distributed carefully and is compacted.

You should use infrared asphalt repair, because it permits deep penetration of the asphalt without causing damage to the area. Moreover, infrared asphalt repair is cost-efficient and quick. Who would pay more money for a method that takes more time to complete? Thus, infrared asphalt repair is obviously a better choice when it comes to mending your parking lot.