In the highly competitive hospitality industry, it is imperative that facilities provide clean, secure and comfortable environments for their customers. Parking lots and garages are some of the most heavily traveled areas of hotels and restaurants; a well-maintained parking lot/garage provides a clear and safe path, which eases congestion while enhancing the overall impression of the property.

It is especially important to be proactive with maintenance rather than reactive after damage occurs. The right repair at the right time is critical. West Tennessee Construction Services can identify parking lot defects and make timely repairs, allowing a hotel or restaurant to operate safely which ensures repeat business.

West Tennessee Construction Services offers a pavement management system which delivers cost-effective results improving both the longevity and the appearance of parking areas, maximizing traffic flow, and saving facility managers valuable time. West Tennessee Construction Services consults with facility mangers to set maintenance schedules which work within the business’ available budget. In addition, work can be completed in stages, allowing the property to remain open during the entire procedure.

Routine parking lot maintenance is essential. A well-maintained parking area projects a positive image, creates a clear, safe path for travel and enhances customer satisfaction.


The overall community appearance of a well-maintained community are one of the most important part of satisfaction among community association homeownership. This image creates a positive, long-lasting effect in attracting new residents. West Tennessee Construction Services offers the right balance of insightful, cost-effective solutions that helps the community with maintenance and repairs of communal areas. West Tennessee Construction Services offers a solution to pavement maintenance which helps eliminates the burden and saves time for customers. A systematic approach will be designed specifically to cater the communities. Communities will be able to benefit from a well-maintained parking area, street and pathway that meets and exceeds the community expectations.


Maximizing patients’ safety is one of the most important factor in the healthcare industry. West Tennessee Construction Services provides the affordable solutions when it comes to maintaining and repairing of hospital or medical center parking lots. A properly maintained parking lot is paramount in aiding patients and personnel quickly and safely around the facility. Being an efficient provider, West Tennessee Construction Services promises to deliver time-sensitive projects at a timely manner as well as following the ADA guidelines to ensure the projects being completed within specifications. The projects will be done in stages to ensure a smooth operation in the hospital facility.


Though the upkeep of building parking lots, we’ve been helping students keep a positive image of their school. And a positive image of self and school really assists a child learning.

As parking lots age, it is critical that experts in parking lot management help keep things running smoothly. We provide on-site evaluations of your facilities and can notice signs of problems before they become much more difficult to repair. Our primary job is to make sure your facility managers are able to stay on top of your small problems, before they become big ones.

Let us design a pavement management system that fits your facility’s needs. With this we can outline defects and schedule repairs, within your budget. Letting us take care of your surface needs, allows your university or school to really focus what really matters, the students.


The value of a a particular real estate comes from several aspects: the exterior appearance (curb appeal), how well the property has been maintained, and the age of the property in conjunction with it’s maintenance.

The parking lot of a property is often an over-looked, yet vital part to a properties curb appeal. It’s often the first thing a customer or tenant will see, as well as anyone passing by the location. A bad parking lot makes a bad first impression, and can directly affect revenue and customer flow.

West Tennessee Construction Services understands these nuances of maintaining properties to retain the most value. They have many years of hands-on experience, assisting property owners and managers with their property parking lots. They specialize in evaluating your parking lot, both in appearance and structurally, thus catching defects early and repairing them quickly. They work closely with property owners, so that work is scheduled and completed in stages, allowing a property to remain available and usable for the entire repair duration.

West Tennessee Construction Services offers well-thought solutions, including decisions that encompass future needs and maintenance. Using their Pavement Management Planning system, they can help property owners and managers identify and prioritize work that will need to be done, even as far as 3 years out. This allows property managers to be more pro-active about their properties appearance, and allows for them to budget for larger repairs that they can expect down the road.

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