Paving With More Than Asphalt

Jackson, TN – This week’s pavement solution profile highlights arguably the most important of all construction materials – concrete.

Our team working hard on some parking lot paving

Whether the project involves building a structure or laying the surface for a lot, concrete has many uses and is proven to last with a durable, strong foundation.

Concrete has been used widely in virtually every single market and construction project throughout the course of history.  Believe it or not, the first known form of cement concrete occurred over 12 million years ago.  From Ancient Egypt, to the Roman eras, and even now to modern day – concrete is a vital piece in construction projects.

At its core, concrete is simply a composite material composed of coarse aggregate bonded together with fluid cement that hardens over time.  Most concretes are lime-based, but there are other bases that have the same intended effect as well.

We at West Tennessee Construction Services offer concrete services to lots, as a properly mixed solution it will provide fantastic performance during the life of any structure.  Generally speaking, we will cure concrete for four to seven days before moving forward with laying the solution.

Concrete is part of our paving contractor services

The most noticeable and “real” aging process, however, begins once the mix has been laid and dried.  This is one of the most important steps in laying concrete because without the proper maintenance, water could seep through any holes and/or cracks.

If this happens, the structure could be compromised and the ultimate solution would be to replace the area.

However, with proper maintenance and a continuous watch on each step, the process of mixing concrete then pouring to lay the foundation of a surface can prove to be one of the best decisions to ensure the longevity of a parking lot.

At West Tennessee Construction Services, our biggest goal is to ensure  safe, durable, and dependable parking lot paving for your business.  With our concrete services, we can help provide a pavement surface to be proud of while setting the right first impression to your customers.

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a finished asphalt contractor proejct

Pavement Solution Profiles – Crack Sealing and Repair

Jackson, TN – This week’s pavement solution profile highlights a well-known “first step” in repairing parking lots – asphalt crack sealing and repairs.

Crack sealing is usually the first step in immediate protection and prevention of weather deterioration to parking lots.  At its core, sealing prevents weakening of the sub-base layer of the asphalt.


This “sub-base” layer is the common entry point for water to wash debris (such as stones, dirt, and sand) into the asphalt.  Water entry itself, can also cause expansion to the asphalt and retraction with weather changes.  As mentioned in the “Paser Asphalt Manual” – this type of debris from weather and the elements is one of the key reasons for a major surface defect.

Cracks throughout the asphalt are usually the first noticeable defects that can lead to complete pavement deterioration.  We’ve all seen the “wear and tear” these cracks provide, as they take the form of longitudinal, block, and alligator cracks (to name a few).

Crack sealing not only fixes tears in the asphalt and keeps the vicinity of crack location in good condition, but also reduces the number of future cracks that may occur for the entire parking lot.


Generally, the earlier cracks are identified and fixed, the better.  The longer one waits to seal or repair the cracks, the worse the lot will be.  Taking time to manage any problems from cracks early on will increase the life of the pavement two-fold and will ultimately help keep any issues from spreading.

Remember, this is a protective and preventive form of asphalt repair, but it can certainly make a difference in saving time and money while providing a safe and proper paving surface.

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Pavement Solution Profiles: Sealcoating

Jackson, TN – One of the most important aspects in a successful business is ensuring that customers and clients understand your provided services through a clear and transparent message.

At West Tennessee Construction Services, we are the experts in creating the right first impression.  This means we take every step necessary to guarantee that your parking lot is safe, durable, and accessible.  We do this through a multitude of different pavement services that maximize your parking lot.

However, with so many services offered, which one is right for your place of business?  We’ll answer that question through a series of “Pavement Solution Profiles” in the coming weeks on our website and social media pages.

This week, we’ll take a look at one of the more well known and basic pavement solutions – Sealcoating.

Sealcoating is one of the most critical steps to ensure your parking lot is ready for business.  In short, sealcoating is a thin coating applied to pavement that will protect the surface from UV rays, gas/oil spills, salt, and water.  The substance itself consists of asphalt cement mixed with inert fillers, water, and other emulsifying agents/additives.

Basically, this is all a technical explanation to describe one of the most essential services offered at West Tennessee Construction Services.

The dark black sealant looks brand new and wears “like new” as well.  Sealcoating can vastly improve the appearance of a parking lot while providing protection from future damage caused by weather or traffic.

As mentioned in one of our previous blogs, weather and repeated traffic loadings are almost always the main causes for paving surface distress.

All parking lots eventually run into surface distress throughout the life of the concrete or asphalt surface.  However, by filling holes caused by these distresses with sealcoating – future damages (particularly freezing, which causes expansion and contraction of pavement) can be prevented.

Ultimately, sealcoating is a wise investment for protecting the surface of your parking lot.  Rather than a full complete asphalt repair, some clients prefer a layer of sealcoating, which can prevent future damages caused by weather, while giving the lot a “like new” feel and look.

To find out how your lot can benefit from sealcoating, contact us at West Tennessee Construction Services today!  We can be reached at (731) 343-4108 – call us for details on getting an estimate or check out all of our pavement services at

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3 Questions When Evaluating Pavement Needs

When evaluating your property, there are many questions and concerns that may arise in moving forward.  Universally speaking, the most important aspects of a property include safety, appearance, and durability.

At West Tennessee Construction Services, we have provided excellence in all three categories for countless partners for over 20 years.

While safety, appearance, and durability are important aspects of your property – what are other important questions when moving forward?  After all, improving your property through asphalt and concrete repairs is a major investment.  In the following article, we will attempt to answer four important questions when servicing your pavement needs.


What Causes Damage to Asphalt Paving?

There are four major factors in pavement deterioration – surface defects, surface deformation, cracks, and patches and potholes.  The Paser Asphalt Manual categorizes the main causes for these deteriorations as environmental (due to weathering and aging) and structural (caused by repeated traffic loadings).  The rate at which pavement deteriorates depends on the environment and structural damage, which is why it’s important to understand the defects of pavement and take the proper course of action to repair and ensure a lifetime of outstanding safety, appearance, and durability to your lot.

Why is regular Parking Lot Maintenance Important?

Aside from the aesthetic value of “making the right impression” when customers and clients arrive at your place of business, a well maintained parking lot can offer peace of mind.  Many businesses are unaware of the dangers of a poorly kept parking lot.  For instance, if the lot is not properly lined or maintained, it could lead to legal action.  Businesses must stay within the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires a standard be met for every property.  If these standards are not met, it could lead to legal action or worse, injury to customers and clients.  We at West Tennessee Construction Services are well versed in the guidelines of the ADA and implement the highest amount of safety and security for each of our partners.


What is the standard for determining project cost? And how do I proceed with managing the budget to allow for asphalt repairs?

We at West Tennessee Construction Services are available for an estimate any time.  Our estimators are proven to evaluate your property in a timely, efficient matter, which will allow for the proper repairs to take place.  From their evaluation and estimate, we know how to proceed based upon a rating system (1 to 10) – provided by the Paser Asphalt manual.  A bid will then be placed to offer the highest quality and most cost effective method for improving the value of your parking lot.  We are also able to work within company budgets and set repairs based upon each company’s financial needs and requirements.


Each property is different and no business will have the same, universal pavement needs across the board.  That is why we at West Tennessee Construction Services provide a multitude of solutions based upon each of our partners’ unique needs.  Regardless of the job, we are committed to establishing a trustworthy estimate along with a reasonable and transparent bid for our partners.  To ensure that your property maintains a safe, sustainable, and excellent parking lot, take a look at our services and asphalt/concrete solutions here.


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West Tennessee Construction Services Enjoys Networking at GNAA Trade Show

We went to the GNAA as a nashville asphalt contractor

Nashville, TN – West Tennessee Construction recently participated in one of the many networking events provided by the Greater Nashville Apartment Association.

West Tennessee Construction joined the GNAA previously this summer and has grown throughout the community as a result.  The recent event, held at the Opryland Events Center, featured dozens of vendors and hundreds of employees from local apartments across middle Tennessee.

“Overall it was a great event, we can’t thank the GNAA enough for putting this on.” National Account Manager, Chris Haynes said.  “We got a chance to speak with countless businesses, it really was a rewarding night.”

The theme of the trade show was “United We Stand,” as businesses, patrons, and employees could use social media to share pictures and post updates throughout the night using the hashtag #gnaatradeshow.

WTNCS telling folks about our services as a paving contractor in Nashville

Each featured business provided a booth with information and fun facts about their company.  West Tennessee Construction saw a great amount of visitors throughout the night, as participants could enter a drawing to win gift cards by guessing the weight of a piece of asphalt.

“It was a great success, we had a lot of folks come by and guess the weight of the asphalt.”  Owner and CEO of WTNCS, Joel Haynes said.  “It only weighed 11 pounds, we had a great time speaking with everyone and hearing the different guesses.”

Overall, the trade show featured hundreds of local patrons throughout the Nashville community and West Tennessee Construction enjoyed speaking with all of them about their asphalt, concrete, and paving needs.

“It’s still not too late in the season to have your asphalt or concrete taken care of.”  Chris Haynes said.  “This event was a lot of fun, we couldn’t believe all of the guesses we had for the piece of asphalt we brought.  Congratulations to our winners in the drawing, we had such a great time discussing everyone’s paving needs – if anyone has any questions or needs an estimate there is still time in the season to contact us and get a quote!”

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Why is Your Pavement Important? First Impressions Matter

 Jackson, TN – Perhaps one of the most universally repeated phrases in business is “first impressions are everything.”  While that phrase may be overused, one thing we do know about first impressions is – they matter.

Have you ever refused to return to a place of business because of a “bad first experience?”  We’ve all been there, and for businesses this is one of the most important first steps in ensuring a pipeline of reoccurring customers.

According to a 2015 article in Business Insider, it takes just three seconds for someone to determine a first impression (positive or negative).  With such little time to make a quality impact on customers, the importance of controlling your property’s appearance is vital (after all, it is the first thing they see when arriving at your business).

Knowing this, we can ask the key question, what truly makes our services special at West Tennessee Construction?  Well, at our core, our asphalt contractor services provide a comfortable, safe, and economical road surface to businesses nationwide.

In the coming months we will take a deeper look into the many unique and often overlooked aspects of a parking lot and road system that can make or break a property, but for now we’ll stick to the basics.

According to the “Paser Asphalt Roads Manual” there are four categories of asphalt paving surface distress:

  • Surface Defects
  • Surface Deformation
  • Cracks
  • Patches and Potholes

Any of the mentioned surface distresses can be caused by environment or repeated traffic loadings (and usually are caused by both).

To rate parking lot paving and road systems, we use the “Surface Rating System”, which, allows us to simplify your property and access the pavement needs moving forward.

Regardless of the property rating – 1 or 10 – the importance of parking lot maintenance is key.

As Tennessee’s leading asphalt contractor, we specialize in ensuring that the first impression you set for customers at your business’ property is a positive one.  When customers arrive, we want to ALWAYS ensure that their first impression includes a safe, comfortable, and excellent ‘like new’ paved parking lot.

Let us know how we can use our industry expertise in paving solutions to help ensure your business always sets the right first impression.  Give us a call at (731) 343-4108 or email us anytime at to discuss your paving needs today!


West Tennessee Construction Welcomes Chris Haynes and Will Purcell

Jackson, TN – West Tennessee Construction is excited to announce the hiring of Chris Haynes and Will Purcell.

Chris and Will join the staff and will begin work immediately on creating new, exciting, and innovative marketing campaigns for West Tennessee Construction. Both Jackson natives, Chris and Will bring a great deal of experience in marketing, sales, communications, and management to WTNCS.

Chris joins West Tennessee Construction after working with Enterprise as a regional branch manager.  Prior to his work at Enterprise, Chris graduated from Mississippi State in 2013.  This is not Chris’ first time with West Tennessee Construction either, as he has served as an assistant with the company on two separate occasions where he learned extensive details of the industry.

At Enterprise, Chris consistently led the West Tennessee Region in sales and served as a manager for the largest branches in the Memphis/Jackson metro areas.

Moving forward, Chris will serve as a National Account Manager for West Tennessee Construction. As a prior employee and experienced sales manager, Chris brings an extensive and invaluable knowledge of asphalt repair, concrete, repair, and general construction/business practices to WTNCS.

Will joins WTNCS after working in communications for Brewer Broadcasting in Indiana.  He will serve as the Director of Marketing and Communications to help grow and expand business nationwide.

Prior to his work with Brewer Broadcasting, Will worked in sports communications for three years.  This included time working with Millsaps College, the Mississippi Braves, and the Kansas City Chiefs Football Club.

Collectively, Will has over five years of experience in multi-media communications and has spearheaded multiple website redesigns and marketing campaigns for several organizations.

Both Chris and Will are excited to help grow and expand the brand and services of West Tennessee Construction.  They will begin work immediately, as you can reach them at – or

To learn more about how your property can make the right first impression, contact Chris or Will at West Tennessee Construction today!


Your customer’s opinion of your business starts with his first view of the outside appearance. His opinion of your company’s brand, values, and mission may rest on his first impression as he drives in. You want his initial impression to be favorable. The parking lot is your first chance to make a favorable impression on him, so it is important to have a routine maintenance program in place. This upkeep shows you care for your customers from the very beginning of their experience. It will also save you money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs later.

West Tennessee Construction Services has helped managers of facilities all over the country with their need to maintain and repair their parking lots. The longevity and overall appearance of parking areas have been improved because of our cost-effective solutions.

It has been said that timing is everything. This is especially true in the business world, as the right timing is essential to a fast-paced business. Understanding that, West Tennessee Construction Services can help by catching and correcting parking lot defects early. For the business involved, this saves both time and money. Since all necessary repairs to damage can be identified at the beginning of a pavement management system, there are no last-minute unpleasant surprises for you. Work can be scheduled to fit available funds in the company’s budget, and maintenance schedules arranged keeping in mind the time and funds available. Work can be done in stages or after business hours, thus preventing interruption of your company’s business day. The appearance of top condition parking lots can lead to a positive view of the business in the customer’s eyes and can save time and trouble at the same time for the busy executive.


Image is one of the most important that affects success in the retail marketplace. “Brick and mortar” is one example of image expression for offices and businesses that deal with customers directly. Projecting the proper image requires proper maintenance of the facility in which the business operates from. Retail facility managers have to be able to constantly keep up on maintenance projects along with balancing the budgets properly.

West Tennessee Construction Services has proved to be successful and efficient in helping retail facility professionals manage and prioritize maintenance on parking lots which is essential for the upkeep of the image of a store or shopping center. They have parking lot management solutions for any need that deliver cost-effective results. We have solutions to make the parking lots last longer and have a positive effect on customers and employees.

Planning and scheduling properly is a worthwhile investment for protection of your asphalt or concrete parking lots. Even if you have tight budget constraints, West Tennessee Construction Services offers a pavement management system that is beneficial to retail facility managers identifying any defects and prioritizing repairs over a specified period, which usually occurs within 1 to 3 years. With this process there is a significant reduction in the amount of time that you would spend on decision-making time and effort. People that manage the facilities can set a budget in advance for services for a greater sense of control over the expenses associated with any future maintenance. Taking aggressive action in the upkeep of parking lots allows much more time to be spent on more important things for the business.


It is not unheard of that religious institutions may ignore upkeep and instead use their resources provide services to the community. This is due in part to the fact that many of these institutions simply do not have enough staff that is in charge of upkeep of the building and surrounding property. They also lack support from experts outside of their institution that could help them and generally don’t have a budget that would cover the cost of maintenance. Regardless, these institutions are still subject to the wear and tear of time. It has become almost necessary now to shift some focus onto the much needed repairs of these sanctuaries or we may risk a decline in the wellness of both the community and patrons. Beginning by making a simple surface layer assessment of areas that need maintenance will greatly facilitate the process of eventual repairs.

West Tennessee Construction Services has helped religious institutions across the country for years with the upkeep and repair of parking lots. Our solutions for maintaining parking lots not only help managers of these institutions recognize existing problems in their lots but also come up with long term cost effective plans for regular maintenance.

These institutions are always bustling. Not only are they important spiritual centers but these places constantly give back to the community. Because they seem to never shut down it doesn’t come as a surprise that these facilities have a great need for regular upkeep. Of course, this also includes their parking lots. Due to a lack of funds and an insufficient amount of knowledge on these types of repairs, it is crucial that religious institutions get help from the experts. West Tennessee Construction Services will evaluate lots on-site and even train the managers of these institutions to recognize early signs of problems in their parking lots. We can create a pavement management system which will help to clarify defects and schedule maintenance based on allocated funds and need. With their parking lots in working order these religious institutions will be safer creating a place where they can continue to enlighten their patrons and give back to the community.