West Tennessee Construction Services has a common goal that we apply to all of our projects: what can we do to save our customers both time and money? Equipped with measuring tools and digital cameras our professional site engineers will survey the entire parking lot, which can take hours or even days. They will take an inventory of damages and will come up with a sound plan to repair and maintain the location. We are very thorough and do not cut corners. We even check every parking bumper and catch basin. If it appears in our survey that your asphalt base is weak we will set up a time to take core samples that will enable us to discover exactly what it is that has created the defects in your pavement.

During this initial evaluation process you can be sure that our engineers will answer all of your questions. They will address any pressing concerns and will offer helpful suggestions. When the evaluation is complete we will give you a proposal with all of the necessary documentation. This may include photographs and a map of the location. With your needs and budget in mind we can also give you other options, choices, and a scale of price ranges. Best of all, consultations and even these basic site evaluations are free of cost.