3 Questions When Evaluating Pavement Needs

When evaluating your property, there are many questions and concerns that may arise in moving forward.  Universally speaking, the most important aspects of a property include safety, appearance, and durability.

At West Tennessee Construction Services, we have provided excellence in all three categories for countless partners for over 20 years.

While safety, appearance, and durability are important aspects of your property – what are other important questions when moving forward?  After all, improving your property through asphalt and concrete repairs is a major investment.  In the following article, we will attempt to answer four important questions when servicing your pavement needs.


What Causes Damage to Asphalt Paving?

There are four major factors in pavement deterioration – surface defects, surface deformation, cracks, and patches and potholes.  The Paser Asphalt Manual categorizes the main causes for these deteriorations as environmental (due to weathering and aging) and structural (caused by repeated traffic loadings).  The rate at which pavement deteriorates depends on the environment and structural damage, which is why it’s important to understand the defects of pavement and take the proper course of action to repair and ensure a lifetime of outstanding safety, appearance, and durability to your lot.

Why is regular Parking Lot Maintenance Important?

Aside from the aesthetic value of “making the right impression” when customers and clients arrive at your place of business, a well maintained parking lot can offer peace of mind.  Many businesses are unaware of the dangers of a poorly kept parking lot.  For instance, if the lot is not properly lined or maintained, it could lead to legal action.  Businesses must stay within the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires a standard be met for every property.  If these standards are not met, it could lead to legal action or worse, injury to customers and clients.  We at West Tennessee Construction Services are well versed in the guidelines of the ADA and implement the highest amount of safety and security for each of our partners.


What is the standard for determining project cost? And how do I proceed with managing the budget to allow for asphalt repairs?

We at West Tennessee Construction Services are available for an estimate any time.  Our estimators are proven to evaluate your property in a timely, efficient matter, which will allow for the proper repairs to take place.  From their evaluation and estimate, we know how to proceed based upon a rating system (1 to 10) – provided by the Paser Asphalt manual.  A bid will then be placed to offer the highest quality and most cost effective method for improving the value of your parking lot.  We are also able to work within company budgets and set repairs based upon each company’s financial needs and requirements.


Each property is different and no business will have the same, universal pavement needs across the board.  That is why we at West Tennessee Construction Services provide a multitude of solutions based upon each of our partners’ unique needs.  Regardless of the job, we are committed to establishing a trustworthy estimate along with a reasonable and transparent bid for our partners.  To ensure that your property maintains a safe, sustainable, and excellent parking lot, take a look at our services and asphalt/concrete solutions here.


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